About Millton

Established in 1984, the Millton Vineyards and Winery holds the distinction of being certified as the first organic and biodynamic wine from New Zealand. James and Annie Millton had travelled to some of the premium wine-producing countries such as France & Germany and worked at the best estates there. With their knowledge and winemaking passion, they returned to the Gisborne appellation and planned to set up their own company near North Island.

This area was in close proximity to the ancient wine region of Manutuke. Being close to the Te Arai River also make the area fertile and great for producing high-quality and terroir-rich wines. After analysing the area in full detail, they set up the Millton vineyard here in 1984. The winery’s Chenin Blanc, Riesling and Chardonnay wines started getting quite popular within a few years of launch, and they also started getting international recognition.

The grapes for Millton wines are grown on four vineyards located across the Manutake and Matawhero regions. You can find these vineyards at Riverpoint, Opou, Te Arai and Clos de Ste. Anne. With sedimentary soils, climate influenced by the Pacific Ocean and hot summers, these vineyards are known for producing very high-quality grapes. The winemaking and viticultural practises followed here are 100% natural and biodynamic.

At the winery, the team focuses on giving as much time as possible to the fruits to turn into wines that reflect their original flavour. Indigenous yeasts are used for fermentation, while stainless steel or oak casks are used for ageing the wines in a temperature-controlled environment.

Amrita, named after Hindu mythological stories, is the flagship organic wine from the Millton vineyard. It is made from fresh Muscat grapes grown on the Opou vineyard. The grapes are grown and harvested with great care, while the winemaking process is nothing but pure magic. The end result that is bottled is pure grape juice, that is 100% organic, without any additives!

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