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Mission Hill

About Mission Hill

Okanagan was an undiscovered wine region back in 1981. There were stone fruit orchards here instead. At this time, grape growers had started taking risks and trying out vines even in a terrain that was unproven. 

The valet was glacier formed and had a wide range of soil profiles as well as hot and long growing days. The microclimates were quite diverse as well. Because of this, the distinct subregion offered great chances for wine cultivation in the terroir. The potential that this region had is the inspiration behind the establishment of mission hill family estate. Mission hill is part of the popularity of Okanagan wine. 

Mission hill has been recognised in Canada and won winery of the year awards five times. It has also received a wide range of awards internationally. Today, the company continues to draw inspiration from the vineyards and the valley.

Architecture is one of the outstanding things about the mission hill family estates. It has stood the test of time, and it is a true representation of the values of the estate, which helps understand the past and celebrate Okanagan valley as a whole. The main vision of mission hill was winemaking and the history continues. Here, organic farming practices are used, and they are supported with modern technology. 

The varietals are able to thrive in the diverse profiles present in the valley. The wines are aged using old and new-world techniques to bring out the terroir of the region. The valley offers subregions that are perfect for growing grapes. The subregions are quite distinct, and they exist together carrying a great potential to make wine with unmistakable terroir. 

One thing about mission hill is that the vineyards are farmed organically. Instead of insecticides and pesticides, there are chickens, falcons, and bees. Instead of chemical fertilizers, mission hills make use of compost, earthworms, and cover crops. In this way, mission hill has been able to foster a natural ecosystem to further boost this grape growing region. 

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