About Mitolo

It was during the 1950s that the Italy-based Mitolo family arrived in Australia to start their wine business in the continent. After almost half a century, the family, along with expert winemaker Ben Glaetzer, decided to create the Mitolo Wines that were prefect representations of the grapes grown in the wine-rich area of McLaren Vale in Australia.

Today, Mitolo Wines produces over 10 brands of wines that stand true to the  six main words based on which the brand was formed- individuality, integrity, quality, purity, elegance and power. This brand uses the grapes grown by the local growers, the Loprestis, for crafting its special wines. Since these growers were Italian immigrants as well, they developed a close bond with the Mitolo family. 

The vineyards produce the highest quality of grape fruits because the soil is rich in clay and the climate is fresh and windy at all times. One of the major highlights of this winery is that it uses the “hands-off” approach for fermentation process, by using barrel coopers, to ensure that the flavour, taste and character of the fruits are not lost at all.

The Lopresti Vineyards, located along the coastal town of Aldinga in McLaren Valen, is spread across 200acres. You will find a major area filled with Shiraz, Grenache and Cabernet plantings.  The wines created by this brand are classified into many categories such as Jester Wines, Small Batch Series, Single Vineyard series and Large Format Series.

The Jester Wines are vibrant and very expressive. Vermentino, Sangiovese Rose’, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz grape varietals are used for making these wines. The small batch series of wines are fermented in French oak barrels and they are known for their fresh fragrance. The single vineyard series are wines that are crafted using grapes grown in a single location.  The large format series wines include 1.5litre magnum series.

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