About Mollydooker

Mollydooker is a renowned winery located in the wine region of McLaren Vale in South Australia. Sparky and Sarah Marquis established it in 2005. However, the venture for the winery began with the founder’s marriage in 1991.

Sparky and Sarah got married after completing their respective course and studies on winemaking. At that time, they each had aspirations and dreams of establishing and growing their distinct businesses in the industry. They were passionate and excited to build a respectable career and aspired to succeed in their jobs. In addition, they wished to help others, have fun, and enjoy their lives to their best capabilities. 

The goals of the couple led to the creation of Mollydooker. Several years of hard work and tremendous effort by Sparky and Sarah Marquis allowed Mollydooker to flourish and become a notable name among the Australian winemakers. 

Mollydooker owns three vineyards spread over an area of 47 hectares. Each of them gets assigned to the plantation of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Merlot, respectively. They remain located on the Seaview Ridge, receiving the blessings of the area’s Mediterranean climate. The wines produced by the winery aim to emphasise and deliver the expression of the fruit over the tannin. Mollydooker works with a trademarked tasting system for the purpose and intention of testing it. Overall, the wines developed by the winery have a smooth, rich, and elegant character, aroma, and flavour. 

The founders and owners of Mollydooker have never forgotten their initial hope and ambition. For that reason, the winery developed and implemented the concept and system of ‘Sip it Forward.’ This arrangement designates and delegates a portion of the profits and proceeds from the winery’s sales to support the less privileged. The money goes to help the local community and those in need all across the world.

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