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Momento Mori

About Momento Mori

One of the top-notch Australian wineries is Momento Mori winery which produces extraordinary wines capturing the essence of the Australian winemaking tradition. Momento Mori winery was founded by a group of passionate fanatics in 1987 and it has made great strides.

A group of friends who held the same passion for wine determined to transform their interest into a profit-making business. In 1997 they bought a patch of lovely land smack in the middle of Western Australia's wine region and planted their first vine plantings there. However, the founders wanted to manufacture great quality wines that would represent the peculiar terroir of the region.

Through the years, Momento Mori Winery became famous for its high-quality wines made with great care at each stage of production. It is because of the founder's commitment to quality that the winery has become successful.

Momento Mori Winery has just been bought by an established winemaking family with several generations of experience. New owners came with innovative skills which led to expansion and development in the brewery industry.
After the management change Mori winery vineyard grew and applied latest technological solutions for their wine production. Efforts were concentrated on crafting high-quality wines that showcased the distinct character of the variety grown in the area.

Momento Mori vineyard is based on making wine with due respect towards nature and the earth itself. As such, the winemakers think that the best wines come from the vines; consequently, one can tell, in each bottle, their determination towards sustainability and organic practice.

The winery picks specific grape varieties based on the unique terroir and local weather within the region. The management of each vineyard goes through an elaborate, systematic procedure whereby the vines are made to survive. As a result, the grapes are picked by hand at their ideal maturity level so that they can develop maximum flavour.

The iconic Momento Mori winery stands out for Australians as a reflection of the pride and effort with which Australia makes its wines. Momento Mori Winery rose out of nothing into a successful winery which has produced great wines over time with an enduring legacy.

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