Mont du Toit

Mont du Toit

About Mont du Toit

Mont du Toit’s story and winemaking culture remain closely linked with the du Toit family. The du Toit family has remained involved in vine-growing, farming, and winemaking for over 300 years in Cape Town. The family’s French Huguenot founder established his farm in 1691 near Wellington. Soon after, he restored the land and planted vines for the first time in the area.

Mont du Toit has remained under the supervision and proprietorship of Stephan du Toit since 1996. He has continued the family tradition, inspired by the wine farm his father managed. Stephan worked with grapevines and grapes since childhood, gradually developing a love and passion for the art and craft of winemaking. It compelled him to work selflessly in the winery and grow it to the scale we see today, irrespective of any issues he faced in the middle.

Mont du Toit owns and manages 22 hectares of land at the foot or base of the Hawequa mountain. The vineyards and parcels experience a sunny climate and microclimate that promote the growth and development of superior grapevines. The terroirs possess Clovelly Hutton and weather granite soils. The lower regions have sandy loam soil types. Mont du Toit primarily plants red grape varieties. It consists of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mourvedre, Cabernet Franc, Tinta Barocca, Shiraz, Petit Verdot, and Shiraz.

Mont du Toit employs a low-tech and traditional approach to winemaking techniques and practices. The winery’s philosophy relies on growing excellent grapes and keeping the yield to a minimum to ensure the quality and standard of the produced wines. On top of that, Mont du Toit performs green harvesting and selects the fruits meticulously by hand to use only the best fruits. It allows all the wines produced and sold by the winery to retain outstanding flavour, aroma, colour, and characteristics.

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