About Morgan

The Morgan Winery was established in the year 1982 by Dan and Donna Lee. Dan Morgan Lee, the California-based wine enthusiast, realised his passion for making wines right when he was in his medical college. So, he proceeded to get his degree in enology, before starting to working at Jekel Winery, located in Monterey County. It was when he was working here that Lee learnt the art of winemaking thoroughly.

When he started his own label of Morgan Winery, he already had 30 years of experience under his belt to back his decisions.  There was no looking back for Dan and his wife, Donna Lee, after that. To date, the couple is known as one of the most professional and talented winemakers of Santa Lucia Highlands and Monterey.

The grapes for making Morgan Wines are sourced from three vineyards – Double L Estate, Santa Lucia Highlands and Partner Vineyards. A brief overview of each of them is listed below:

Double L Estate – Dan and Don Lee purchased this 65-acre vineyard and named it Double L, which means Double Luck, as a token of love for their two daughters. Today, this vineyard is very popular in California as it is organically certified and boasts of at least 20 clones. While Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are planted in most of the lots here, you will also see few vines of Syrah and Riesling at the Double L Estate.

Santa Lucia Highlands – Spread across 6100 acres, the Santa Lucia Highlands, one of California’s most popular vineyards is home to a lot of wine growers and labels. Thanks to their proximity to the Salinas River Valley and the Santa Lucia mountains, these vineyards are ideal for growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay varietals.

Partner Vineyards – Apart from these vineyards, Dan and Don Lee also buy grapes from nearby vineyards in Santa Lucia Highlands to create some wines. These vineyards include Gary’s, Rosella’s and Tondre.

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