About Morgassi

The story and history of Morgassi began in 1993 with its establishment by Marino Piacitelli. Since its founding, the renowned Italian winery has managed to capture the hearts of many with its exceptional wines. Gavi del comune di Gavi, the flagship wine of Morgassi, is one such drink that has left millions wanting more. The wine gets produced and made from white grapes of the Cortese variety. It has been certified and registered with the Piedmontese Docg. 

From the initial stages of the establishment, Morgassi has been handled and managed by Marino and his two daughters, Cecilia and Marina Piacitelli. They have always risen to and faced various challenges to allow the winery to grow in fame substantially. They combined and incorporated innovative technology with time-honoured customs and conventional practices. They did so with a tireless effort and commitment to the quality of their processes, grapevines, and wines. 

Morgassi features a small property and estate with around 50 hectares of land. It produces 150,000 wine bottles every year from 19 hectares that make up the vineyards. The parcels remain located on steep slopes with a southwest or south exposure. The soil of the lands is of an argillous calcareous type.

Morgassi has a compact estate that centres and operates around a technologically-advanced winery. It remains equipped with some of the best systems such as pneumatic presses, bottling lines, insulated tanks of stainless less, etc. Additionally, it has separate and distinct refining and storage rooms. 

Morgassi works and functions with the philosophy of producing the highest-quality wines. They aim to do so under a professional team of oenologists, winemakers, and agronomists. On top of that, the winery uses advanced and modern agricultural techniques and practices and minimum human intervention in its operations to preserve the natural qualities throughout the winemaking processes.

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