Mount Holdsworth

Mount Holdsworth

About Mount Holdsworth

Located in the region of Wairarapa, Mount Holdsworth is a noteworthy family-owned wine estate and chateau in New Zealand. The winery produces some of the best wines in the entire country. The products of Mount Holdsworth have a rich, elegant, and intense taste full of character and harmony. They deliver the perfect balance and combination between tannin and acidity. Overall, the wines produced and distributed by the winery have a desirable flavour, aroma, texture, colour, and mouthfeel. 

The wines of Mount Holdsworth can be of such high standard and quality owing to the land and region of Wairarapa. The area, lying at North Island’s southern end, has the perfect climate and conditions to allow the growth and development of healthy grapevines. The region receives ample wind currents, sunlight, and rainfall. It, in turn, allows the temperature to remain optimum for grapevine growth and wine fermenting. Such climatic conditions have enabled Wairarapa to become one of the best winemaking regions in New Zealand. On top of that, the fields and vineyards of Mount Holdsworth have beneficial free-draining soil of alluvial loam type. It ensures that excess water does not stagnate in the plots, turning detrimental to the growth of the grape plants. 

Mount Holdsworth follows and implements sustainable and biodynamic practices in its fields. It stands true for the entire stretch of the vineyards that expand over 80 hectares. The incorporated methods include substituting fertilisers and pesticides using cover crops. Overall, the winery pays special attention to the workings of the cellar and vineyards. Such an approach allows the workers to harvest the ripe grapes at a perfect time. It ensures that the produced wines have an intense aroma and flavour. In addition, the drinks get fermented in stainless steel tanks with temperature control attributes to bring out their rich taste.

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