Mount Horrocks

Mount Horrocks

About Mount Horrocks

Owned by Stephanie Toole, Mount Horrocks is a wine brand that provides exclusive focus to quality. This is because the label is known for producing only a limited number of cases (4000) per year. Located in Clare Valley, South Australia, Mount Horrocks Wines are made from grapes grown over the three estate-grown vineyards that spread across 10 hectares.

If you love your wines but are sceptical about the quality of your drinks, the wines from Mount Horrocks are the best choice for you. These A-grade certified wines are designed for vegans and vegetarians as well, because only 100% natural grapes are used for making these wines.

Every year, six types of wines are made from grapes grown on the single vineyards of Alexander Vineyard or Cordon Cut Vineyard.

Alexander Vineyards – Located towards the northeast part of Clare Valley in the Watervale region, these vineyards are the home to the Riesling, Shiraz, Semillon, Cabernet Sauvignon and Nero d’Avola. These vines are planted in about 16 acres at an average height of 475m above sea level.

Cordon Cut Vineyards – Riesling is the most important vine planted here, as the warm climate and moderately low altitude of around 340m favour this type of grape. You can find these vineyards at Auburn, right next to the cellar door.

Regardless of the vineyard they are cultivated in, the grapes are full in flavour, intensity and aroma. This is because the expert winemaking team at Mount Horrocks ensures that the vines are cut late and allowed to partially dry, at all times.

The classic, no-compromise winemaking principles that Stephanie and her team put to practice here have made these wines 100% natural and organic. Some of the popular wines of this brand are those made from Riesling cultivated on Watervale & Cordon Cut, wines made from Semillon, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Nero d’Avola and the rose’ wines.

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