Mount Langi Ghiran

Mount Langi Ghiran

About Mount Langi Ghiran

Known for its iconic Shiraz grape varietal, Mount Langi Ghiran is regarded as one of the finest cool-climate wines of Australia. The land came to be known for its premium quality of Shiraz, during 1970, when the Fratin brothers from Italy (Don, Lino and Serge) planted their first vines on Mount Langi Ghiran.  In the subsequent years, separate blocks were allocated in this vineyard for other varietals too.

The Fratins joined hands with wine expert and consultant, Trevor Mast, to create their first ever vintage brand of wine in 1981 and there was no looking back, as they would say. Throughout the next few decades, Mount Langi Ghiran Wines continued making iconic and classic wines that went to on to get many international awards.  Trevor, who had purchased Mount Langi Ghiran during the 1980s, sold it to the Rathbone Family during 2002. He remained the head winemaker here, until he passed away in 2012, leaving a rich wine legacy behind him.

Located at 350m above sea Level, Mount Langi Ghiran vineyards provide the perfect ambience and soil quality for cultivating the iconic Shiraz varietal of grapes. The vines here have an average age of 50 years. Some of the popular white wines crafted here are the following (explained as per grape varietal):

  • Pinot Gris - Billi Billi, Cliff Edge
  • Riesling - Cliff Edge, Langi, Spin-Off
  • Chardonnay - Spin-Off

The famous red wines of this brand according to the grape varietal are:

  • Shiraz - Billi Billi, Hollows, Cliff Edge, Talus, Mast and Langi
  • Shiraz grown on Nowhere Creek - Limited Releases of Wine
  • Bradach Pinot Noir - Spin-Off

In the orange wine category, you can try the Spin-Off variety created from 100% Pinot Gris

Regardless of the wine you try, you will be blown away by the distinct regional flavour of the fruit that these drinks represent.

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