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Mt. Brave

About Mt. Brave

Considered to be one of the historic wine brands in the Napa Valley region of the USA, Mount Brave Wines has a heritage that dates back to 1860. During this time, a German pastor, Peter Veeder, explored the Mount Veeder area in Napa Valley and realised the huge potential of this place to produce some rich wines. In this place, vines reach the dazzling heights of 2677feet, which makes every passionate winemaker brimming with joy.

Though the place has an ancient history, this was established only during 1993. Stretching from the Carneros to Oakville, this mountain contains over 15000 acres, out of which, just about 1000 are dedicated for the planting of vines. While Cabernet Sauvignon is the most planted varietal here, you can also spot certain plots of Malbec vines on Mount Veeder, which is the oldest AVA in Napa Valley.

The Mount Brave vineyard, earlier known as the Chateau Potelle Vineyard, contains vines planted at a height of about 1400 to 1800ft above sea level. Since the soils are dominated by gravels, loam and rocks, with minimum minerals and nutrients, they lend a complex texture and structure to the grapes grown here. One of the biggest points that work in favour of Mount Brave wines is that these wines are a tribute to the passion and spirit of the inhabitants who settled down in the Mount Veeder region during the 1800s.

Like all Mount Veeder wines, the wines from Mount Brave, too, have some characteristic features that wine lovers cannot miss. These include the aromas of blackberry fruits, flavours of blueberry fruits, intense minerality, well-balanced tannins and a pleasing acidity.  The original flavour and style of these wines are mainly because all processes are labour-intensive and handmade here. There is little or no modernised technology used in the vineyards and cellars.

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