About Mullineux

If you are looking for a taste of authentic South African wines with utmost character and elegance, Mullineux is the right choice for you. These wines are hand-crafted and produced in the rich granite and schist soils based in Swartland, South Africa.  Chris and Andrea worked in many wineries across France, South Africa and California. They put all their winemaking experience into the brand they created, Mullineux, in South Africa’s Swartland region. As soon as Chris and Andrea spotted the terroirs, climatic conditions and the soil qualities of this region, they knew that this was where they wanted to set up their label.

Though it was established in 2007, Mullineux became one of South Africa’s most respected and loved wine brands within a short while. Within 6 years, the duo joined hands with Peter Dart, and started a parallel winery, called Leeu Passant. Currently, you can find this estate on the Leeu Estates.

Minimal intervention is the policy followed at Mullineux winery. Minimal use of sulphur, lack of use of any fining or filtering agent and lack of yeast and enzyme usage are some of the interesting winemaking policies followed here. The details of the grape varietals grown at Swartland are:

  • Syrah – Considered one of the popular Northern Rhone region varietals, Syrah is in great demand in the Cape regions today.
  • Chenin Blanc – Originally a varietal from the Loire Valley, Chenin Blanc has become one of the most planted varietals in South Africa today.
  • Grenache Blanc – Originally from Spain, this varietal spread quickly to South Africa, and it is now quite popular among wine lovers.
  • Clairette – This is the varietal used in the sparkling wine of Clairette de Die. It is known for its natural ripening quality and low sugar levels.
  • Viognier – This Rhone Valley varietal ripens early and naturally in Swartland, which lends a natural balance and structure to Mullineux wines.

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