About Murphy-Goode

The story and narrative of Murphy-Goode began in 1985 with three friends Dale Goode, Dave Ready, and Tim Murphy. The endeavour and venture for the winery started when an idea originated during the friends’ weekly get-together and game of liar’s dice. The three shared a mutual love and passion for wine. Thus, they decided to establish their distinct winery on that particular night. It led to the creation of Murphy-Goode.

Dave, Dale, and Tim incorporated their collective talents to set up Murphy-Goode. Each of them worked immensely and selflessly to realise their dreams. Nonetheless, they kept the philosophy and concept of their winery of not taking life too seriously. Instead, they encouraged people to enjoy the little happenings in life and seek fun in the present. The venture for Murphy-Goode began in earnest when the three friends started developing and producing specific wines such as Chardonnay and Fumé Blanc. They sourced the grapes for the drinks from the Murphy-Goode Vineyard and Murphy Ranch located in Sonoma County.

Among the friends, Dale Goode and Tim Murphy remained heavily invested in the vine-growing policies and techniques. They got aided in their endeavour by Alexander Valley. They thought up innovative and beneficial practices and methods to promote the steady and healthy growth of the planted grapevines. It consisted of drip irrigation on a broad scale, leaf pulling, and wire trellising. On the other hand, Dave Ready remained in charge of wine marketing and selling. It allowed Murphy-Goode to separate and divide its tasks between the three founders and owners, allowing for the smooth operation and functioning of the winery.

Today, Murphy-Goode produces some of the best wines in Sonoma County. It implements various sustainable techniques and practices to retain and maintain its wines’ consistent quality and superiority, making products of integrity and character.

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