Navarro Correas

Navarro Correas

About Navarro Correas

The history and story of Navarro Correas go back to 1798 when the winery’s owner, Don Juan de Dios Correas, decided and ventured to plant his distinct vineyards. Don Juan had significant dreams and aspirations in vine growing and winemaking. Thus, he began the pursuit of his goals by cultivating and harvesting vineyards at specific areas at the foot or base of the Andes Mountain range.

In 1974, a descendant of the reputed Correas family, Don Edmundo Navarro Correas, wished to continue his family legacy and increase his family’s name and glory. Thus, he decided to set up his distinct label under his name. Don Edmundo received inspiration when developing his first premium wine range from Argentina. It, in turn, led to the establishment of the world-famous winery Navarro Correas. Since its foundation, the winery has remained an eminent and prominent name in the wine industry across the entire globe. It is primarily due to the efforts and skills of the Correas family that has remained heavily invested in the winemaking craft since 1798.

Since 1798, the Correas family has considered the terroirs and parcels its highest priority in the winemaking process. Thus, Navarro Correas takes immense care of its vineyards, ensuring they retain their superior standards and qualities. It applies to all the winery’s parcels spread over Los Arboles, Las Palmas, Agrelo, and El Molino. Furthermore, the wine estate, Finca Agrelo, where all Navarro Correas’ wines get produced, follows a unique spirit that combines the elements of tradition and contemporary touches, allowing Navarro Correas to excel in every field in the winemaking process.

Navarro Correas’ winery has a structure with a distinct design that aims to reduce the environmental impact on the surroundings as much as possible. It makes the winery one of the most environmentally sustainable and efficient globally.

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