Neudorf Vineyards

Neudorf Vineyards

About Neudorf Vineyards

The history of Neudorf vineyards dates 120 years ago. At that time, it was a stable. It took a fresh turn in the late 60s when Tim and Judy decided to have a fresh start. They took over Neudorf vineyards aiming at producing high quality wine. Even though they faced a lot of challenges along the way, they have made great strides in making the company what it is today.

Tim was able to create a winery shortly after they took over. He used macrocarpa trees and mulled them. Even today, the winery still stands and time has not changed it much. One thing that stands out is the many trees around Neudorf vineyards. Many bird species have since made it their home. 

At the vineyard, there are cats, dogs, rabbits, geese, ducks, sheep, and chooks. When Neudorf Vineyards was established, viticulture was still very new in New Zealand and there as limited information about it. This prompted Tim and Judy to try out different grape varieties. In this way, they could test the soil and the grapes to find out which the perfect match was. To reach their goals, they worked closely with staff, neighbours, family, and friends. 

41 years later, there is still much to learn. Tim and Judy concentrate on learning more on winemaking, viticulture, currency exchange, exporting, crop levels, crones, yeast, and all other winemaking aspects. 

Tim is a trained scientist and works at bringing more improvements to the winery and out in the field. Neudorf vineyards have grown a lot over the years, and today, their products are exported to over 16 countries. 

Neudorf vineyards are located on prime land in New Zealand. There are mountain ranges to the east, and Tasman Bay to the north, creating a maritime climate. The home plantings spill down the slope facing north of Moutere valley. On the valley's floor, there is the chance to create new vineyards, berry farms, and orchards.

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