About Nittardi

Nittardi is a renowned boutique winery located in the heart and middle of the wine region of Chianti Classico. The vineyards owned by the wine estate remain spread around the Maremma and Chianti Classico. Initially, the Nittardi Estate served as a defensive tower in 1183 and remained known as “Nectar Dei.”

Over time, the property and estate changed hands and ownership until it came under the proprietorship of Peter Femfert and Stefania Canali, his wife. Peter was a renowned art gallerist and Frankfurt publisher of that time. Peter and Stefania worked immensely and selflessly to restore Nittardi. They put in significant care and love to increase the name and fame of the estate. The couple replanted the vineyards, and in 1992, they replaced the old vat room with a new, modern cellar. Peter and Stefania hired several competent and skilled wine enthusiasts to improve the operations and functioning of the winery. The team included the commercial director, Giorgio Conte, and a consultant enologist, Carlo Ferrini. Today, the ownership and management of Nittardi lie with Léon Femfert, Peter and Stefania’s son. He took over the wine estate in 2013 and has been overseeing the business ever since.

Nittardi’s vineyards remain close to southern Tuscany’s coast. The region’s cool and refreshing climate promotes the growth and development of the planted grapevines. The 20-hectare plot remains dedicated to various international and local grape varieties. The winery considers its terroirs and parcels the highest priority, implementing numerous beneficial techniques to uphold their natural quality. On top of that, Nittardi takes on an organic approach to its vinification, viticulture, and cultivation processes. All these methods and practices allow the winery to get superior grapes. It, in turn, enables the wines produced by the wine estate to retain and deliver outstanding taste, mouthfeel, texture, and aroma.

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