About Noon

Noon winery is a small business that is family owned, and it specialises in full-bodied reds from Langhorne creek and vale. Robert m parker gave its shiraz high ratings. The winery does not produce white wine, but they make the dry rose. 

In Australia, drew Noon is one of 24 people who managed to be a wine master. He took this path to learn as much as he could about winemaking and the wines of the world. He loves the things he does and delights in personal effort along with friends and family. At each production stage. His main aim is not high-quantity production but rather ongoing quality. He is a small batch maker, and the estate vineyard covers 5.7 hectares. David, Drews's dad, set up the family business here in 1976. 

In 1996, drew Noon and his wife, Raegan Noon, moved back to Maclaren Vale. This was when they bought Noons from his parents. Drew had worked as a consultant viticulturist and oenologist in Vic, and then worked at Cassegrain as a winemaker. The rich red wines he creates have a loyal following. Drew Noon only concentrates on creating full-bodied styles that are handmade, which have always been the case since its inception. Noon produces limited wine quantities from small vineyard blocks. 

The vineyard estate is hand managed, and there is minimal use of sprays. The pruning and picking of the vines are done by hand. Sulphur and copper are the only chemicals used when required to handle and control fungal diseases. Tilling the soil is kept minimal as well.  

Because of how the vineyards are handled, the old vines appear wild. There are no irrigation pipes or trellis wires in the vineyards. The vineyard floor has grass, and the vines are not identical. They all look a bit different individually. The vineyards are not mechanised. 

The vines date as far back as 1930, and during that time, there were no machine harvesters invented yet, and most vineyards in the surrounding areas were free range, which is the case with Noon today. The method used to grow the vineyard is called bush vines or bush training, and it is not common in many vineyards today because it is more labour-intensive and slower. The method allows each vine to receive some personal attention.

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