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East Side Winery is a cooperative that started producing wine in 1934. They were also called after a particular region, "Oak Ridge". The winery has been the home of two prominent families in California's wine industry, namely led by the Maggio and the Reynolds.

Maggio's family farm has been there for five generations. Its sustainable growth and winemaking methods aim at creating health and wealth for future generations. This story began with Agelino Maggio, a forward-looking farmer from the coast of Genova who immigrated in 1906 to Lodi, where he developed the first vineyard in 1928. Roy, his son, also took this passion. He went on planting grapes and selling them to different wineries all over America. At some point in time, Rudy, Roy's son, also took over the wine-making business and extended it.
Presently, Lisa, Raquel, and Shelley are the propelling forces at Oak Ridge Winery. Their unique perspectives, community-driven agenda, sustainability, and brand-building approach help the organisation achieve its goals. They have brought their family's legacy a few notches up by producing some of the best wines in the region, employing advanced machines and unprecedented wine-making tools.

The Magiago family lives, eats, and sleeps at the Oak Ridge Winery in Napa. As a result, they are usually very patriotic and make great efforts to conserve land and natural resources for future use. Every bottle of wine testifies to the family's enduring dedication to quality and sustainability.
Oak Ridge Winery is more than just making excellent wine but is also about getting together to have fun, life, marriage, and companionship. There are several events hosted by the winery annually such as live music shows, wine, and food pairings, and seasonal festivals that feature the best of Lodi's offerings.

Lodi Appellation is also certified by a third-party certification program created exclusively for Lodi. The winery is one of those that participate in the Lodi's Rules certification program. Furthermore, Oak Ridge Winery has other accreditations including Sustainable Vineyard Certification under Sustainable Winegrowing Australia. They include environmentally friendly viticulture, and a set of programs aimed at corporate health and cohesiveness.

Oak Ridge Winery has a history going back to 1934 when it was referred to as East Side winery. The family of Maggio have been farming for more than a century, and as such, they commit to sustainably grown grapes and wines that will also be transferred as heritage to their future generations. It farms all 2,500 acres of its vineyard in accordance with the Lodi Rules, a sustainable third-party certified program for Lodi appellations. Sustainable vineyard management and team building exercises are also major parts of their operation. Over time, Oak Ridge Winery's portfolio has become very large and includes a number of wines which are produced by using various types of vineyards.

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