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Oakridge Wines

About Oakridge Wines

Oakridge Wines is a renowned cellar door, winery, and restaurant residing in the middle of the Yarra Valley, the oldest wine region in the state of Victoria in Australia. Founded in 1978, it has gradually developed its products and processes to produce world-class wines of the highest standard. It has allowed the winery to become internationally recognised and an award winner multiple times. In recent times, David Bicknell, the winner and holder of the Gourmet Traveller WINE Winemaker of the Year for 2017, works as the Chief Winemaker at Oakridge Wines.  

Oakridge Wines serves as a pioneer of winemaking in the upper region of the Yarra Valley. The winery is famous for producing and selling distinctive wines from single vineyards that have the ability and capability of delivering and expressing the quality and nature of the unique terroir of their origin. In addition, they showcase the benefits of the cold climate of the region. It allows the planted grapevines to grow and mature excellently. 

Oakridge Wines believes and understands that the true essence of wine begins with the vineyards. For that reason, the winery focuses on sustainable and environment-sensitive practices that do not harm or damage nature in any way. The implemented methods and ways value the health of the grapevines and the soil, permitting the growth of the highest-quality fruits. 

Oakridge Wines continues incorporating innovative and unique approaches to agriculture and viticulture. They introduce compost teas, cover crops, and insectariums to improve the biodiversity and overall health of the vineyards. All the matured grapes get hand-picked and sorted manually during the harvest season. It ensures and enhances the quality of the produced wines. 

During the winemaking process, Oakridge Wines implements traditional techniques and methods. They try to limit and reduce intervention and interference by using their understanding and observation.

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