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About Opus One

The story and history of Opus One began as the realised dream and aspiration of two men. It entailed Robert Mondavi, a renowned vintner from Napa Valley, and Baron Philippe de Rothschild, the owner and founder of Chateau Mouton Rothschild. The reputed winery of Opus One got established by the two eminent individuals after they put in significant hard work and efforts to set up the wine estate and operate it.

Since its establishment, Opus One has implemented a combined style and method of winemaking, incorporating elements of innovations and tradition from both the founders’ families. Thus, the wine development and production practices adhered to the conventional yet contemporary techniques of the Mondavi and Rothschild families. It allowed the two proprietors and partners to aim for the creation and sale of an exceptional wine that could touch the hearts of millions of people. Robert and Baron Philippe aspired to represent the qualities and attributes of Napa Valley through their pursuit of outstanding and uncompromising standards of the produced wines. Such an approach has allowed Opus One to become one of the most eminent and prominent names in the global wine industry. Furthermore, it facilitated the winery to get acclaimed and known as a “Californian First Growth.”

The vineyards and parcels of Opus One expand and spread over 55 hectares of land. They remain planted with Bordeaux grapevine varieties of five different and distinct types. The winery plants, harvest, and cultivates them with superior excellence, experience, determination, and passion. It, in turn, allows Opus One to bring forth the unique and natural characteristics of the terroirs and express them through their vintages. Additionally, all wines produced and sold by the winery possess a balance between gentle restraint and delicate coaxing, enabling the drinks to deliver outstanding taste, flavour, colour, and aroma.

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