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For its wine production, the US state of Oregon has gained recognition on a global scale. This has caused several wineries to be developed in this area. Ore Winery is one such winery. It was founded in 2012 and is situated in Oregon state in the United States of America. Even before the state was founded, Oregon had a long tradition of wine production. While grapes were first cultivated by settlers in the Oregon Territory in the 1840s, Oregon's wine business has only recently been substantial and has only grown since the 1960s. Mike Wenrick, a resident of the state of Oregon and former executive director of Zenger Farm, is the owner and winemaker at Ore winery. 

This winery, which is centrally located in Portland, creates a small batch of wines using fruit from the state's best vineyards. The region's climate supports the development of grapes. Western Oregon mostly has a pleasant Mediterranean climate, with warm, dry summers and rainy winters marked by the frequent gloomy and cloudy skies. This encourages the growth of many grape types in this area. Even the volcanic soil, which is present in the bulk of Oregon's vineyards, is suitable. 

Despite being a relatively new winery, they adhere to ethical winemaking standards. Whether it's red wine or another type, Ore Winery is committed to producing small-batch, all-natural wines from the best vineyards in Oregon. Coral Creek, one of the most well-known vineyards in the USA, is a frequent supplier to them. The grapes planted in these vineyards are used to make 300 cases each year of a variety of wines ranging from Pinot Noir to Cabernet Franc by the winery. The grapes are grown utilising organic practices, such as avoiding the use of synthetic fertilisers and using manure and composting instead. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Portland Monthly Magazine chose Ore Winery's 2014 Rogue Valley Sangiovese as one of Oregon's 50 Greatest Wines.

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