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Orin Swift

About Orin Swift

The history and venture of Orin Swift date back to as late as 1995 and begins with winemaker David Swift Phinney. David had been involved in the winemaking business for a long time, working in renowned wineries of the Napa Valley region. The experience and know-how he gained from his hands-on job at these places, including Whitehall Lane and Robert Mondavi Winery, helped him significantly later on to manage Orin Swift. Even as a student, he took up a friend’s offer and visited Florence, Italy. There, he got introduced to the wonders of wine. He also learnt the methods and practices of winemaking, getting him hooked. 

David decided that if he had to work so hard, he would do it for himself a few years into his job at the wineries. This motivation led to the establishment of Orin Swift in 1998. 

The appellation of the winery serves as a tribute to his parents. Orin is the name of his father, and Swift, the maiden name of his mother. 

David started with merely two tons of the grape variety zinfandel. He spent all his efforts in the next decade to create and produce wines. He worked tirelessly to grow the brand to today’s level. 

Some people say that it was not arduous for David Swift Phinney to develop Orin Swift to what it is today. After all, the winemaker had always been known for creating catchy, creative, and clever labels for the wine bottles. Even today, the winery continues to make memorable marks to signify the uniqueness of its wines. Their portfolio consists of provocative brands like Machete, whose label depicts sparsely clad models holding the blade, the machete. Other notable wine bottles include Trigger Warning that portrays a photo showing a boy aiming a gun towards the camera’s direction.

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