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About Ovum Wines

When Ksenija and John House founded the Ovum Wines in 2011, their main objective was to produce the highest quality of authentic Oregon white wines that reflected the true character of the grapes and the places where they were cultivated. Today, seven years later, Ovum is one of the well-reputed white wine producers in the world. It mostly uses the grape varieties of Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Muscat for making white wines.

During the fermentation process, Ovum ensures that only natural substances are used, except for the use of S02. 100% natural oak, acacia, Austrian cask and cement egg barrels are used during the process to retain the flavours of the white wines. The popular wines crafted by the company are the Memorista Riesling, Sinnerman Gewurztraminer, Off the Grid Riesling, Toro Y Scorpio Riesling, Suspension Muscat, Sunnyside Gewurztraminer and Base Line Riesling.

For making the Off the Grid Wine, the Riesling grape varieties are grown in the Illinois Valley, where the soil is very fertile and loaded with natural minerals. With the Klamath Mountains at the backdrop this vineyard, set at a height of 1500 feet above sea level, provides the perfect ambience for the grapes to grow well.

For the Toro Y Scorpio Wine, the Riesling grape varieties are grown in a small patch of soil in the Ribbon Edge area. This marine sedimentary soil makes the grapes grown here to have more mineral filigree than the grapes grown on other soil varieties.

For the Memorista Wine, Ovum uses Riesling grapes that are grown on the hillside vineyards of Eola Amity. The basaltic, volcanic soil in this region gives a nice colour and flavour to the grapes grown in this region. Ovum is committed to its objective of producing authentic white wines; hence, it doesn’t compromise on choosing the right variety of grapes, grown on the right soils, for its different varieties of wines.

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