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Paolo Conterno

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The history of the Italian wine brand Paolo Conterno dates back to 1886. The man, after whom this brand was named, established the House of Ginestra, and he dedicated himself to the growth, cultivation and popularisation of the Italian indigenous grape varietals of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. Conterno understood the huge winemaking potential of the region when he set up Ginestra, because the climatic conditions and terroirs of this location were simply exceptional. Today, the vineyards and the Paolo Contenro estate are run by the fourth generation family members, with the same dedication, discipline and respect to the terroir, which was practiced in 1886.

The Barolo Valley, which contains outstanding terroirs, is where the family owns its 10 hectares of vineyards. The soils in this valley are rich in limestone, marl and clay. With the average altitude of vines at anywhere between 300 and 350m above sea level and climatic conditions that cannot be seen anywhere else in Italy, the winemaking tradition followed here is pure art. This is exactly why the winemaking people at Paolo Conterno call themselves Barolo artisans.

The Ginestra Cru, considered to be the true heritage of Conterno, is located in these vineyards. Three plots in this vineyard are exclusively dedicated to growing the three indigenous varietals. The management, till today, takes personal care of the vines, wineries and cellars. This makes the Paolo Conterno wines highly individualistic and intense. 

At the cellars, the team follows traditional vinification procedures only. Some of them include the use of vertical tanks in the cellars and the use of must cascade system for wetting and breaking the cap of the marc. Today, this company produces wines across two of the premium wine-producing regions of Italy – Tuscany and Piedmont. If you have been looking for authentic Italian wines with a distinct intensity and complexity, Paolo Conterno wines are a great choice for you.

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