Paolo Scavino

Paolo Scavino

About Paolo Scavino

Paolo Scavino is an Italian wine producer that traces its roots back to the Barolo region of Piedmont. The revered winery dates back to the 1920s and is currently operated by the Scavino family for many generations.

Paolo Scavion started in the early 1900s as Lorenzo Scavan cultivated his vineyard in the Barolo region. Paolo Scavino took over in the 1920s. He set up a winery, which bore his moniker.
Enrico Scavino, Paolo's grandson and his daughters Elisa and Enrica run all operations of this winery. With their hearts, they continue their ancestor's traditions of making wine and act in a friendly way with nature.

Like other wine companies, Paolo Scavino will continue to maintain nature and natural processes in its winemaking. They exclusively use fertilisers. Using chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides in the vineyard should be avoided consciously. Rather than that, they use other methods, such as planting insects and utilizing cover crops for disease prevention and pest control.

Additionally, this progressive vineyard also seeks to minimise its carbon footprint. To accomplish this milestone, the winemakers mounted panels in their area and produced power, but in their winemaking process, they also used energy tools.

Paolo Scavino's vineyard lies at different points in Castiglione Falletto, Barolo and La Morra regions. They own approximately 29 acres of grapevine, some six decades old.
In addition, the Paolo Scavino winery gets its grapes from exceptional growers who are all about excellence and sustainability.

It's a historical winery that strives to observe best practices in its operations. A perfect mixture of traditional and modern wines illustrates how well old stuff coupled with innovative concepts come together. A person keen on strategies and who loves wine should stop at Paolo Scavino.

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