Paringa Estate

Paringa Estate

About Paringa Estate

The Paringa Estate is one of the finest and most renowned wineries in Australia. Its establishment started with the 1980 vintage of Seville Estate Shiraz that Lindsay McCall tasted in a restaurant in 1983. The wine astonished him as he did not know that the state of Victoria was capable of producing a drink of such high calibre. 

His realisation led Lindsay into purchasing an orchard in 1984. He spent a year clearing the land and making it suitable for growing grapevines. Once he became satisfied with the state of the property, he began to plant vines all across the ten-acre orchard. Initially, Lindsay wished to grow Shiraz. However, a local vigneron advised him against it because the cold maritime climate of the Peninsular region would not allow the grapes to ripen. Nonetheless, the ambitious man did not get discouraged from that. He selected the warmest spot in this land and planted the shiraz grapevines with renewed determination. 

The early years of growing the vines and producing the wines were like a trial of patience and effort for Lindsay. In the 1980s, the people residing in the Peninsula did not know which variety and kind of grape would succeed. For that reason, Lindsay became a pioneer in winemaking in the region as his plantations were prosperous and of high quality. Owing to his perseverance and courage in taking on a new project, the Mornington Peninsula has become one of the best wine regions in today’s Australia. 

In recent times, the vineyards of Paringa Estate enjoy a cold and unique microclimate. It is exceedingly suitable for growing grapevines. It comes with beneficial volcanic soil and an advantageous altitude of 140 meters. The curved nature of the slope protects the vineyards from the southwesterly and south winds, keeping them warm and sheltered.

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