About Passopisciaro

The story of Passopisciaro began in 2000 when founder Andrea Franchetti took it upon himself to restore the decaying cellars and farm on Mount Etna’s slopes. His hard work and determination led to the drastic change in the old area, making it what we see today. He started by clearing the existing ancient vines that covered the plot. The next step entailed restoring the terraces by replanting the grapevines at a density of about 12,000 vines per hectare.

Today, Passopisciaro sits at an elevation and altitude of approximately a thousand meters above the wine town of the same name in the Castiglione di Sicilia district. The winery’s vineyards possess a thin layer of lavic soil that promote and support the planted vines’ growth. Passopisciaro primarily uses the native or indigenous grape variety of Nerello Mascalese. Besides that, the wine estate also utilises Petit Verdot, Cesanese d’Affile, and Chardonnay. Overall, the winery aims to deliver different and distinct expressions of the terroir and its characteristics through its wines.

The plots and vineyards owned by Passopisciaro extend over 26 hectares of land. They remain spread across Mount Etna’s northern face. Passopisciaro’s parcels get suitable conditions required for growing healthy and juicy grapes. In addition to that, the place experiences significant differences between the day and night temperatures. It plays an essential role in extending the growth and ripening period of the grapevines. It, in turn, allows the fruits to be of the highest quality. On top of that, such conditions contribute to the intensity, complexity, and elegance of the wines produced by Passopisciaro.

Passopisciaro’s wines represent the qualities and attributes of their terroirs distinctly. It includes the soil conditions, lava flow, altitude, etc. Overall, the winery’s products possess a characteristic and personality that remain loved by numerous people all across the globe.

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