Paul Hobbs

Paul Hobbs

About Paul Hobbs

Paul Hobbs, a pioneering winemaker, established the winery in Sebastopol, California, naming it after himself. This winery demonstrates his dedication and vision for sustainability and the ongoing quest to refine winemaking as an art with very little intervention but with meticulous care and excellence. 

The site's character is revealed through determination and work of caring for each vineyard and then using minimalist techniques for vinification. This ensures that the terroir is fully expressed. 

Paul Hobbs uses different growers and estates that are acclaimed. The vines are planted to high density and are row and block-farmed using sustainable practices. This ensures an impeccable harvest at the end of the day. 

Estate vineyards are farmed and owned by the winery. They reflect the company to show their individuality by creating a wine with balance, energy, and purity. There are the grower vineyards located in napa valley and Sonoma County, where every site origin is expressed with great authenticity by handling the best properties and sharing the farming philosophy and core values. 

Paul Hobbs works on discovering existing and new vineyards in the cooler parts of Sonoma County, and napa valley. They nurture every region thoughtfully and following their individuality to achieve their full potential.  

Paul Hobbs grew up on a family farm in upstate New York, where he learned more about working on land, harvesting, and selling products in the markets. This is where he got experience in terroir and how it affects fruit character after his father made him taste the same varieties but grown on different orchards that were some miles apart. It is the diversity of textures and flavours that has influenced his wine-making process. Paul was a great help to his father in achieving a desire to transform a part of the land from nuts, peaches, and apples to wine grapes. 

Even though he attended university to study medicine, he eventually took a course at UCA Davis and graduated with a master's in ecology and viticulture. In wine production, he started in 1991 and has made great strides over time.

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