Pazo Señorans

Pazo Señorans

About Pazo Señorans

Pazo Seorans, now a winery, is a wonderful example of a manor house from the 16th century that was constructed in the rural area with all the elegance and majesty of bygone ages. In 1989, the winery released its first crop for sale. The Pazo and the winery were originally owned by the pair Marisol Bueno and Javier Mareque (and are currently also in the ownership of their four kids, Marisol, Vicky, Javier, and Santiago), who started their winemaking business in 1989. However, vineyard planting had already begun before then. The origin of Pazo Seoráns' name is uncertain; it is unclear if the Pazo or the location is responsible for the name's attribution.

The winery is located in the beautiful Spanish city of Pontevdra. The vineyards are exclusively planted with the indigenous Albario varietal. It is defined by its dispersed sites, all of which are within a 10-kilometre radius and close to the sea. Due to the predominant xabre soils that have formed owing to the decomposition of granite boulders, the landscape has excellent drainage capabilities, contributing to the vines' growth. The grapes' aroma and distinctive qualities are due to the climatic features of the location as well as the structure of the soils, which are mainly - poor, acidic, sandy, and thin.

The typical time for harvest is in the second part of September after hard labour in the vineyard and proper ripening management. Hand-picking grape bunches from the vineyard is used for grape harvesting. In order to ensure that the grape reaches whole and in the best possible condition for winemaking, quick transport to the winery in storage containers of perforated plastic is done. After that, the grape juice is transferred to metal vats to start the fermentation process. The final step in making spirits is the double distillation above an open fire in copper stills, which is a traditional Galician technique.

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