Pedro Parra y Familia

Pedro Parra y Familia

About Pedro Parra y Familia

Pedro Parra, a famous terroir expert in Chile, started his own wine label of Pedro Parra Y Familia after about 15 years of being a wine consultant. He travelled all over the world and understood different styles and cultures of winemaking, before he went on to start his own label in the little-known places of Chile – Itata and Bio Bio.

Pedro Parra Y Familia aims to make natural wines from ancient vines (about 200 years old) planted in lesser-known places lying between Itata and Bio Bio. According to his own words, Pedro started his winery to make exceptional terroir-focused wines, especially on granite soils. He experienced great joy in experimenting with granite wines and enjoying the winemaking process with his wife, Camila and kids, Diego, Felipe, and Colombia. Some of the regions and terroirs that this winery focuses on are Guarilihue, Cauquenes, Florida, Ranquil, Rere, San Rosendo and many more. The idea was to popularize these locations and make them important landmarks in the Chilean wine scene.

Pedro’s rich experience of 6 years of working with French terroirs gives him the knowledge to identify the potential of a place. He has a doctorate in terroir specialization, and has worked as an exclusive terroir consultant to many wineries situated across the USA, Italy, Canada, France, Argentina, Armenia, Chile and more. So, one can understand how much work and research he would have put in, before identifying the terroirs and location for his own label.

Why did Pedro Parra choose the small region of Itata in Chile? This remote location has isolated granite mountains and was inhibited for many years due to its inaccessibility. Cinsault and Pais are the most common vines planted here. Since the area didn’t witness any of the wine changes or influences for the last 4 decades in Chile, it had its own magical potential, unaffected by all the hype happening elsewhere in the wine market.

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