Pelee Island Winery

Pelee Island Winery

About Pelee Island Winery

Pelee Island Winery is a renowned winery located in Kingsville in the Ontario province in Canada. It spans over 700 acres and remains situated on Pelee Island in the South Islands Sub-Appellation. The region gets known globally for its vine-growing since ancient times. 

The place remains located in the Western Basin of the southernmost lake in Canada named Lake Erie. The region provides a relatively extended growing season to the planted grapevines. It allows for their perfect maturation. In addition, the grapes ripen to the desired state by the harvest period.   

Pelee Island Winery experiences a significant difference between its cold and hot days. In addition, it has a unique microclimate. It promotes the growth of high-quality grapevines. The winery follows a sustainable method and approach to viticulture. The practice had been implemented and put into practice by one of the founding members of Pelee Island Winery. That is why the winery operates with its designation as a Sustainable Winemaking Ontario winery. 

The soil of the vineyards of Pelee Island Winery is of a Toledo clay-type. It has a limestone base a few feet underground. On top of that, the soil comes with a high calcareous quantity. It provides considerable fertility and immense biological activity. 

The workers of Pelee Island Winery work with meticulous care of their vineyards. They pay attention to each planted vibe and follow strict specifications for their quality and growth management and assurance. They obey the practices of Sustainable Vineyard as stated by the World Wildlife Fund.  It implies that the winery limits and controls their use of pesticides, insecticides, other chemical substances, and synthetic products. They do so for both the vineyards and the cellar. Instead, they use natural fertilizers for the purpose. Thus, all the grapevines grown by Pelee Island Winery are 100% pure.

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