About Penfolds

Penfolds is a renowned wine producer in Australia. It got established in 1844 in the capital city of Adelaide by Christopher Rawson Penfold. The winery’s story starts when Christopher and his wife, Mary Penfold, shifted from Angmering in West Sussex in the United Kingdom and moved to Australia. After they arrived, their family members helped them attain and acquire 500 acres of land and its estate at the base of the Mount Lofty Ranges. 

In the early years, the Penfold couple produced and sold fortified wines. They were in the style of port and sherry. Gradually, the demand for the drinks increased. It led to the expansion of the small winery that the Penfolds managed and the official establishment of Penfolds. It happened at the Magill Estate. 

Christopher’s medical reputation grew steadily with the rise in fame of Penfolds. It compelled Mary to manage and run a significant portion of the winery. After her husband passed away in 1870, Mary took over the business and its complete responsibility. She worked with exceptional determination, ambition, and endeavour during her reign. In addition, she did not hesitate to engage in various experiments and explore new techniques and methods to produce high-quality wines. 

Mary retired in 1884. At that time, the winery produced about a third of all the wines in South Australia. Mary handed over Penfolds to Georgina, her daughter. She managed it with her husband, Thomas Hyland. Later on, they passed the winery down to their two daughters and two sons. By 1907, Penfolds became the biggest winery compared to all the other wine producers in Adelaide. 

The Penfold family persisted in their family legacy even after Mary’s passed away in 1896 and retained their control and interest till 1976. Today, Penfolds operates and handles two wineries, Nuriootpa and Magill Estate.

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