About Penner-Ash

The story and history of Penner-Ash began when Lynn Penner-Ash, a Californian winemaker, became intrigued by Oregon’s emerging and increasing wine industry. Her interest led her to shift to the US state with Ron, her husband. Initially, Lynn worked at Rex Hill Vineyards, making her the first female winemaker in Oregon. However, in 1998, Lynn and Ron ventured to set up their distinct winery in the viticultural area of Yamhill-Carlton AVA in the northern part of Willamette Valley. It led to the establishment of Penner-Ash Wine Cellars.

Lynn and Ron worked tirelessly for several years to bring their shared vision to life. They put in immense effort and hard work with unyielding commitment to make their dream a reality. The couple began by planting and cultivating small amounts of specific grape varieties like Syrah and Pinot Noir. Furthermore, Lynn and Ron paid careful attention to the winery’s design in the initial stages of Penner-Ash’s establishment. They ensured that all parameters of light, equipment, and space got considered and optimised to support and enhance human ergonomics through the winery’s design.

Lynn and Ron incorporated a gravity-flow and sustainable system and method of operations in 2005. In 2016, Penner-Ash joined hands with the Jackson Family Wines, enabling the former to embark on a renewed endeavour based on a mutual love for uncompromising and high land and wine quality.

Today, Penner-Ash produces some of the best wines in the entire region. The winery sources its raw ingredients from the distinguished sites of the Willamette Valley owing to its long standing relationship and friendship with the area’s vine growers. In addition, the soil of the vineyards owned by Penner-Ash is highly diverse, allowing for the growth and development of healthy grapevines. It, in turn, enables the winery to produce wines possessing superior standards and quality.


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