Peth Wetz

Peth Wetz

About Peth Wetz

Peth Wetz is the German wine label that having a founder with rich experience in the international wine market. After years of exploring the wine-producing regions of various countries such as Chile, Australia and the USA, Christian Peth and his wife Maja, returned to their hometown of Bermersheim in Rheinhessen, Germany to start their own label and make the most of the richness of the local wine-rich terroirs.

They set up this company in 2001, and ever since, Peth has been focusing exclusively on his vines and the viticultural practices followed on the vineyards. He owns close to 30 hectares under vine across some of the rich wine-producing regions of Rheinhessen such as Bermersheim, Dalsheim and Westhofen. His main aim was to create wines that were confident, memorable and honest.

The unfiltered Riesling and Pinot Noir wines created under this label are quite popular. French oak barrels are used for maturing these grapes. Intermittent batonnage during the maturation process helps the fruits become full-bodied and more intense than ever. The multiple-racking process followed at the winery helps in creating clear wines, which can be bottled in their unfiltered condition.

Peth Wetz wines fall under five broad categories. They are estate, unfiltered, reserve, grand vintage and fines. Though the unfiltered wines are very popular among the other categories, there is a loyal fan following for the other wines created here as well. The reserve wines that are made from select, hand-harvested grapes are matured for a long time in barrels and bottles to give them the desired power and intensity.

The grand vintage category consists of those wines that produced very rarely. The plots where the fruits are grown for this particular wine are taken care of very meticulously. Pumping and filtering processes aren’t introduced here to retain the originality and character of the land. French oak barrels are used for bottling these wines.

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