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Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, Napoleon's sister, grand duchess of Tuscany and lady of Lucca and Piombino, picked this location in 1808 to plant the first seed of an agrarian and vinicultural endeavour. While travelling to Bordeaux with her father, Francesca Moretti discovered the area 200 years later. She wanted to study horticulture and oenology since she was fascinated with their cultural and historical significance. Tuscany was a no-brainer at the time because of its freshly earned status as a wine area. A few kilometres outside Piombino in the Suvereto region, Francesca's father, Vittorio Moretti, bought 148 acres in San Lorenzo in 1997. And the beginning of a significant modern project was established. Francesca Moretti discovered her second home here, a place that she loved just as much as her first one in Franciacorta.

Suvereto has a long history of winemaking practices dating back to the Greek and Etruscan eras when these people manufactured wine in amphoras and were active in a thriving metal trade. But when the situation is so complex, the land's history is insufficient: Petra is made up of many landscapes, microclimates, and substrates. The estate has a unique environment that contributes to the production of more than simply grapes. It has an underground stream that is surrounded by warmth and fresh air. Petra's surroundings are unique, with natural parks on almost all sides and views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Mario Botta created the current winery structure. The cylindrical design contains the receiving activities and, at its core, the winemaking operations. It is symbolic and organic and represents a delicate approach to a technical process. The grape bunches are collected on the roof, an inclination plane parallel to the hill; the grapes are then removed from the stems and gently dropped into the soaking and fermentation tanks from here. The outside elements of wineries are all designed specifically for use in the production of grape wine.

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