About Petrolo

The history of the Italian wine label of Petrolo dates back to 1716 when the early traces of the wine-rich regions of Chianti centre, Carmignano, Pomino and Val d’Arno di Sopra were identified. By 1834, this region was acquired by the owner of Petrolo wines, Giorgio Perrin. It was he who discovered that along with the French grape varietals, Sangiovese could also be planted in this region, especially in the place called Campo Asciutto (known as Boggina today).

The vineyards at Petrolo co-exist with the natural environment, thanks to which they produce excellent, high-quality and intense grapes. These vineyards spread across 31 hectares, out of which 26 hectares are used for the production of grapes. Located in the Chianti area, the vines here are planted at an average altitude of 250 to 450m above sea level. The details of these vineyards are:

  • San Macro – 3-hectare vineyard where Sangiovese is grown
  • Galatrona – First Merlot vineyard of Petrolo; 3-hectare region
  • Feriale – 5-hectare vineyard that is part of Galatrona; Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot are grown here
  • Casariccio – 2-hectare Sangiovese vineyard
  • Lecceta – One of the most ancient vineyards replete with Sangiovese vines
  • Asilo – 2-hectare vineyard where Sangiovese and Colorino are grown
  • Meletana – 1-hectare Merlot vineyard
  • Boggina – the flagship vineyard of the group; first vines were planted in 1947 here; Sangiovese is planted here
  • Campolusso – located near the natural park of the Chianti Hills, this small but high-density vineyard has Cabernet Sauvignon and Campolusso vines
  • Campaccio – 1-hectare Sangiovese vineyard
  • Dottore – 2-hectare Merlot vineyard
  • Poggio – 1.5-hectare Merlot vineyard

At Petrolo, low yields of fruits are the main aim, as the group believes in creating intense fruits that are true representations of the excellent terroirs where they are grown. Every single vine is treated with great care at the vineyards. Thanks to this, every bottle that comes out of the cellars is termed as “great”.

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