About Pieropan

If you want to taste authentic Italian wines that have been crafted at a winery owned by many generations of a family that has abundant knowledge on winemaking and terroir quality, you have to try the Pieropan wines right away. The history of this brand dates back to 1880, when this business was established in the Soave village in the reputed zone of Palazzo Pullici in Italy. 

Leonildo Pieropan, a physician from Soave, was well-aware of the potential of the soils in this region, because of his previous work experience in the family vineyards. He, along with his sons, Fausto and Gustavo, started working in the cellars in the 1950s and 60s to churn out impeccable quality, Italian wines that spoke a lot about the quality of their terroirs. Today, this business is run by the fifth generation of the Pieropan family, with the same dedication and winemaking philosophy.

The Pieropan family believes in traditional winemaking principles. These are reflected in the way they maintain their vineyards. The local territory of these vineyards is given utmost importance and minimalistic intervention technique is followed in addition to organic viticultural practices.

The three vineyards from where grapes are sourced for Pieropan wines are Calvarino, La Rocca and Garzon. Calvarino vineyard is the oldest of the three as it has been with the family since 1901. It is located right in the heart of the Soave area and is blessed with amazingly rich and fertile volcanic soils.

The La Rocca Vineyards are found in a place that is rich in calcareous soil and ancient geology. The wines made from the grapes grown here are class personified. These are located near Soave’s Merona castle, quite close to the Rocchetta Mountains.

Garzon vineyards, located in the Garzon Mountain, can be found in Cellore Illasi. The rocky soil and the excellent solar radiation in these vineyards help in the perfect ripening of the grapes grown here.

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