Pierre Brisset

Pierre Brisset

About Pierre Brisset

The story and history of Pierre Brisset began in 2013 when its founder, Antoine Gerbelle, became interested in the renowned vineyards of the Chassagne-Montrachet commune located in the heart and middle of the Côte de Beaune area. The land appealed to him as a superior plot to establish the winery. It led to him acquiring the property and soon getting access to the grand crus in Côte de Nuits and Côte d’Or.

Today, Pierre Brisset is an exceedingly renowned winery in the territory and region of Burgundy. The vineyards owned by the winery expand and extend over seven appellations and villages. They comprise the grand crus and the premier crus. It implies that the wine estate obtains the best grapes from superior terroirs and parcels it owns. It is also thanks to the highest-quality grapevines planted, cultivated, and harvested by Pierre Brisset. Irrespective of the significant and expansive land owned and managed by the winery, the wine estate limits its production. It implements demanding and strict specifications for all its processes and methods. Pierre Brisset does so to ensure the quality and superiority of its products in international and domestic markets.

The superior standard of Pierre Brisset’s wines is also thanks to the soil on which the grapevines grow. It is of a limestone type containing crumbly and porous chalk. In addition to that, it remains mixed with clay. Such a soil composition promotes grapevine growth and development.

Since its establishment, Pierre Brisset has remained interested and invested in producing high-quality Burgundy wines. The winery aims to adhere to traditional methods and techniques to do so. Nevertheless, the wine estate incorporates modern practices and operations to optimise its processes and functioning. It allows Pierre Brisset to produce some of the best wines with excellent texture, taste, flavour, aroma, and colour.

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