Pietro Caciorgna

Pietro Caciorgna

About Pietro Caciorgna

Pietro Caciorgna brings with it the tale and history of the enchanting and mesmerizing territory around the middle of the region of Tuscany. It remains located in the Casole d ’Elsa town of the Siena province. Surrounded by multiple wonderful and awe-striking villages, the winery lies approximately 50 kilometres from Florence. 

The story of Pietro Caciorgna began with the love of Fulvia and Giovanni Caciorgna. In 1953, the couple decided to reside in the area of Tuscany with their seven children. They made a living by selling their “Podere” close to the Tower of Pitino. It allowed them to purchase a small plot of land. It belonged to a piece of a significantly larger estate. The property was initially under the ownership of the Bargagli family. After that, it got handed over to Visconti, currently “Castello di Casole.” The land saw its fair share of farmers, including the Caciorgna family, who continued for several generations. 

Today, the Caciorgna family owns a total of 20 hectares of parcels. They grow multiple crops and plants on it. It consists of sunflower, corn, fodder for breeding Chianina cattle, and cereals. The family’s plantation of grapevines and production of wine began from here as well. Initially, the developed beverages were solely for use within the family and some acquaintances. However, the scale gradually grew to what it is today. 

The vineyard of Pietro Caciorgna remains located on the Osteria delle Macchie hill. It got planted back in 2001, consisting of about 2.3 hectares. The parcel primarily has the Sangiovese grape variety. The Caciorgna family follows their philosophy of respecting the health of their consumers and the environment. They implement it throughout their viticulture and vinification processes. They ensure that there is no use of chemical fertilizers or sulphur and copper products in their vineyard.

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