About Pinino

Located in the commune and town of Montalcino, Pinino has an extensive history and culture of winemaking. The wine estate got established by Tito Costanti in 1874. In 2003, the property got purchased by Hannes and Andrea Gamon, hailing from Austria, and Silvia and Max Hernandez from Spain. Currently, they own and run the wine estate. Soon after getting the winery, they began producing and selling superior and world-class wines.

The winery remains embedded in the hillside of the Italian neighbourhood of Montosoli, resembling a natural amphitheatre. The vineyards remain spread over approximately 16.5 hectares. The plots and parcels remain dedicated entirely to planting Sangiovese for producing Brunello di Montalcino. Among them, 4 hectares of land lie confined in the Pinino estate. They remain exposed to galestro soil and southern climatic exposure, promoting the growth and development of healthy grapevines. The remaining plots lie in the Canchi estate, experiencing limestone and clay soil.

Pinino implements a traditional approach to winemaking. Nevertheless, it also incorporates modern practices and techniques to optimise the process and get the best results. The workers and staff harvest the grapes manually. They do so after thinning the fields in three stages to reduce the yield to a minimum. It allows the winery to acquire and work with only the best grapes, producing excellent and outstanding wines.

Pinino functions and operates on the three primary philosophies and principles. Firstly, they consider the quality and naturalness of the vineyards to be the highest priority. In addition to that, the winery incorporates traditional Montalcino practices and techniques in its winemaking approach. It allows Pinino to preserve the attributes and characteristics of its harvested grapes until the wines get bottled. On top of that, the winery uses modern marketing methods to position itself uniquely and distinctly on the international market.

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