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Located in Australia, Pirie Winery produces safe and environmentally friendly wines. In 2004, Dr. Andrew Pirie, who is one of Australia's most famous winemakers, founded this winery situated in Pipers River region in Tasmania.

One of the well-known winemakers and founders of the Tassie's wine is Dr. Pirie.1 In 1974, he planted the first commercial vineyard in the region, and his love for winemaking has just increased ever since. He had worked in other wineries in Tasmania before establishing the Pirie Winery whereby had a good reputation for making premium type of wine. The first of which is that his extensive education and experience in the winemaking industry made him distinguishable from others of his kind.

Dr. Pirie thought of opening a winery in 2004 and this resulted in Brent Pirie Wine Cellars. Pirie Winery did not take long before it was famous for making high quality wines from Tasmania. With its unusual site and Dr. Pirie's ethics-based approach, Pirie Winery distinguished itself in the pack.

Pirie Winery has had different owners over the years. On the other hand, the winery's dedication to quality wines has always been unfailing. In 2013, an Australian company known as Brown Brothers bought this winery. Pirie Winery still produces quality vines under their control and this is done with sustainability as a factor to consider for longevity. The high-quality of the wines produced at Pirie winery is testament to Dr. Pirie's lasting legacy.

Pirie Winery practices natural and bio-dynamic farming, which creates healthy soil. Pirie uses solar energy to cut down on pollution and its water conservation programme includes drip irrigation systems.

There are two vineyards belonging to Pirie Winery situated in the Tasmanian region of Pipers River. There is the initial vineyard, which covers 14 hectares close to Tamar River, producing Chardonnay, Pinot nori, and Riesling grapes. Another vineyard covers twenty-hectare grounds of the Pipers' Valley, where these varieties as Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon blanc grow.

Lastly, Pirie Winery stands out as an Australian top winemaker focused on conservation efforts and excellent wine making standards. The winery's history goes back to the seventies when Dr. Andrew Pirie first cultivated grape vines growing in Tasmania. Winery remains a forerunner today with respect to innovation and adopting environmentally friendly techniques.

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