About Planeta

The family-owned Italian wine brand of Planeta operates with the objective of making the most of the diverse terroirs of Italy. The wines crafted at the wineries here represent the true character of the grapes and the passion of the winemaking experts who are involved in the process.  Menfi, Vittoria, Noto, Etna and Capo Milazzo are the five territories where the fruits for the Planeta are sourced from.

Menfi – The roots for the Planeta wines were crafted in the Menfi territory. The family has been cultivating vines here for over 17 generations now. The vineyards are located at an altitude of around 400 metres and the Planeta family cultivates over 250 hectares here. While the soils are rich in pebbles, limestone and chalk content, the climate is pretty good with average rainfall throughout the year. This makes it ideal for indigenous and international grape varietals. Menfi is the primary wine territory of the Planeta brand.

Vittoria – The red soils of the Vittoria territory are found in the vineyards of Dorilli and Mogli. Over 34 hectares of vines are cultivated here. The terroir here is ideal for bringing out the full flavours of the indigenous varietals such as Cerasuolo, Nero d’Avola and Frappato.

Noto – The vineyards of Buonivini are considered as the cradle of the flagship grape of the Planeta brand, Nero d’Avola. This indigenous grape is grown here in abundance, thanks to the unique white limestone soil.

Etna – An area rich in volcanic soils, the Sciaranuova vineyards in Etna is one of the newest additions to the wine territories list of Planeta wines. Nerello and Carricante vines are grown here, since 2008.

Capo Milazzo – Known as the homeland of the Mamertino fruit, the Baronia vineyards in Capo Milazzo is the smallest of all, comprising just about 8 hectares.  Three hectares have been dedicated exclusively for growing ancient varietals such as Vitraruolo, Lucignola and Catanese Nera.

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