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PlumpJack Winery

About PlumpJack Winery

The story and history of PlumpJack Winery began in 1992 with a humble and ordinary wine store in the neighbourhood of Fillmore in San Francisco. It went by the name PlumpJack Wines. It grew into the renowned winery we see today due to the determination and efforts of Gavin Newsom and Gordon Getty. Their mutual passion and love for wine allowed them to establish the wine estate and increase its fame exponentially.

PlumpJack Winery derives its name from a memorable character created by the reputed author, Shakespeare. The founders got the inspiration for the winery’s title and table from Sir John “PlumpJack” Falstaff. He was a fun-loving, rational, responsible, yet irrelevant character. Nevertheless, he possessed immense loyalty towards his masters, dreams, and aspirations. Gavin Newsom and Gordon Getty found this quality exceptionally redeeming. They used this philosophy when setting up PlumpJack Winery on a 42-acre land in Napa Valley. They wished to incorporate such a mindset in the workings and processes of their vineyards and cellars.

Today, PlumpJack Winery remains famous all around the globe for its high-quality wines that possess and can deliver an approachable and inviting style. The superior standard of the winery’s product is primarily thanks to the top-class terroirs and parcels it owns. Located on Oakville appellation’s eastern side, the 42-acre plot provides optimum conditions for growing exceptional and healthy grapevines. The area receives adequate sunshine, rainfall, and wind current exposure. It enables the grapes to become juicy and sweet before harvest time.

Besides that, the 42-acre land possesses different and distinct types and kinds of soil. It allows PlumpJack Winery to blend and cultivate numerous blocks or parcels. It, in turn, facilitates the winery in creating and producing wines carrying characteristics and flavours. In addition to that, they own a superior elegance and intriguing complexity.

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