Poderi Aldo Conterno

Poderi Aldo Conterno

About Poderi Aldo Conterno

The Poderi Aldo Conterno wine brand was established by one of the most reputed winemakers of Italy, Aldo Conterno. These wine are made in the Piemonte region, located in the Langhe district of Italy. Thanks to the traditional winemaking styles and the innovations that Conterno introduced to his wines, he is still considered as the most talented winemaker that Piemonte had ever seen. Today, his sons, Franco, Stefano and Giacomo, manage the Poderi Aldo Conterno wines with great efficiency and elegance.

The grapes for the Conterno wines are sourced from the three cru vineyards of Romirasco, Cicala and Colonello in the Monforte d’Alba area. These areas are blessed with the unique terroir quality of the Langhe region. The soil quality, temperature and overall terroir of these vineyards are good enough to create the authentic indigenous varietal of Nebbiolo with the right spice note in it.

These vineyards cover an area of about 25 hectares in Bussia Soprana. The Barolo Granbussia, a popular wine of this label, is made from grapes sourced from a combination of the three vineyards explained in the above section. Almost 70% of the fruits come from the Romirasco vineyards while the Cicala and Colonello vineyards contribute to 15% of the grapes each.

Barolo wine lovers form an instant connect with the Poderi Aldo Conterno wines because the family still follows the ancient Barolo winemaking techniques in its work. The philosophy followed by the Conterno family is that the wines should be aged for a long time before they are finally released for bottling. This will help to retain the flavours and the characteristics of the grapes used for making them. Today, though the label’s primary focus likes on producing Barolo wines, it shows equal commitment and passion for producing Barbera wines of the highest quality ever.

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