Poggio Antico

Poggio Antico

About Poggio Antico

Nestled high up in the Montalcino Hills, the Poggio Antico is an Italian wine estate that practices sustainable winemaking practices. The wines here are elegant, complex and unique because the team takes care of every single detail. It also maintains yield as low as possible to focus on the overall quality of the final output that is sent for bottling.

The vineyards of Poggio Antico can be found at an altitude of 480m above sea level, which is one of the highest of all vineyards located in Brunello. The mountain climate combined with the nearness of the Tyrrhenian Sea ensures that the vineyards enjoy a steady flow of breeze even during the dry seasons. The breeze is an important reason for the elegance in the fruits grown here.

While the estate stretches up to 200 hectares, close to 33 hectares are under vine currently. Most of the vines that are planted here belong to the Sangiovese varietal. The soil, climate and overall terroirs of Brunello appellation are highly suitable for growing Sangiovese. All the vineyards are found within this estate itself, and the estate makes wines from its home-grown grapes.

The winemaking philosophy at the Poggio Antico estate is to produce the best quality of wines that reflect the true character of the soils. Therefore, they practice various sustainable techniques such as low yields, hand-pruning, hand-harvesting and more. Recently, the vineyards moved to a parcel management system, thanks to which every single micro-terroir is being given a lot of attention & care to produce the best quality of yield.

For the last 3 years, the estate has been practicing organic winemaking techniques at the farm. The cellar is strategically located right at the centre of the estate to avoid any kind of delay that may arise in processing the grapes. This also helps the team to make highly exquisite and elegant wines consistently.

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