Pride Mountain Vineyards

Pride Mountain Vineyards

About Pride Mountain Vineyards

In the middle of the Napa Valley region of America stands a small family winery known as Pride Mountain Vineyard. Winery has been around since 1989 with origins of its site dated to 1860s during cultivation.
The distinguished Spring Mountain Vineyard on the 235-acre peak of the Spring Mountain stands 2100 feet high above the seas located in Napa Valley, California. The mountains that border the Napa and the Sonoma valleys are named Mayacamas and Vacaa, respectively.

Pride Mountain Vineyards employs environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in its winemaking process. Organic farming practices including intercropping, composting, and biological pest control are adopted by them. In fact, the winery has gone green an extra mile by installing solar panels that help in generating electricity making the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere minimal.
In addition, Pride Mountain Vineyards looks to preserve the wildlife habitats that occupy those areas. Some of the 150 forested acreage on the property provides a home for several animals. Such programs involve erecting owl boxes, cultivating native bush and tress.

Pride Mountain's vineyard has many pieces in the two counties of Sonoma and Napa (40 pieces). These consist of a mixture of Cabernet franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syra and Zinfandel varieties among others.
The vineyard is situated on spring Mountain in a certain microclimate which makes favourable environment for premium grape-growing. The warm winds blown from the valleys and the Pacific Ocean help in creating a favourable environment for growing of the grapes,

One of the best vineyards with a history of agriculture is Pride Mountain Vineyards practicing environmentally friendly and sustainable winemaking procedures. The company is also the most popular in the industry by virtue of organically derived production methods, solar energy, and the safeguarding of animal lives. 

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