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Prophet's Rock

About Prophet's Rock

The New Zealand wine brand of Prophet’s Rock is considered to be one of the most premium categories in the Central Otago region. It was established in 1999 with the sole aim of creating unique wines that were never tasted before in this region. Today, the Prophet’s Rock label makes use of only three grape varietals – Riesling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, grown in its own estate, to create its wines.

The grapes are sourced from two vineyards located in the region of Bendigo – Prophet’s Rock Home Vineyard and the Rocky Point. The flavor and character of the resultant wines speak volumes about the rich experience of the winemaker at Prophet’s Rock. Paul Pujol, the chief winemaker at this estate, joined the group after many years of working at some of the iconic wine regions in France, such as Burgundy, Alsace, Sancerre and more. Therefore, the white wines created under the Prophet’s Rock label will bear quite a few resemblances to the ones that you would find in Alsace.

The sub-region of Bendigo is considered as one of the best in New Zealand to grow the Pinot varietals. These grapes need a warm & dry climate to develop into grapes with full-fledged structure and intensity. Bendigo caters to exactly these needs of the Pinots. Some of the popular wines from this label are:

Retrospect Pinot Noir - Made from Pinot Noir grown in the Home Vineyard located in the sub-region of Bendigo

Cuvee Aux Antipodes Pinot Noir - Made from Pinot Noir grown in the Home Vineyard

Prophet’s Rock Pinot Gris - Made from Pinot Gris grapes grown in the Home Vineyard and Rocky Point Vineyards; considered as the trademark white wine of Central Otago as the wine represents the quality of the soil and temperature of this place.

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