Puklavec Family Estate

Puklavec Family Estate

About Puklavec Family Estate

If there is respect in the global wine market for Slovenian wines today, Puklavec Family Estate is the main reason for the same. This estate was established in 1934 by Martin Puklavec. Today, the Puklavec family, with the old and young generation members, work together to carry forward Martin’s vision of creating some of the best wines in this region.

The grapes for this wine are grown in a place that is blessed with perfect microclimatic conditions. The grapes are grown right in the centre of the Ljutomer-Ormoz, a high wine-potential region located in the locality of Podravje.Today, the winery that started off as a small family-owned estate, has grown quite big in the international market. Based on the markets they cater to, Puklavec operates different brands of wines such as Puklavec & Friends, Estate Selection and Seven Numbers. The brand, Jeruzalem Ormoz is specifically created for the Slovenian market only.

Thanks to the cool climatic conditions and the terroir quality, the area of Podravje is also known as Tuscany of the East. The white wines created here are fruity, well-balanced and fresh. The common grape varietals grown on the 590 hectares owned by the Puklavec family are Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Muscato, Furmint (the indigenous varietal), Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer, Welschriesling and the like.

Currently, this group uses 20 different channels to export wines to over 20 markets globally. This makes it one of the biggest wine exporters in Slovenia. The local Jeruzalem Ormoz brand of wine has been the winner of many awards in local and international competitions held recently. However, the Puklavec group knows better than living off past laurels. Therefore, it ensures that every year, it uses only the freshest and choicest of fruits to create wines that speak volumes about Martin’s legacy and tradition.

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