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It was in 1975 that Andrew Quady moved from southern California to the rural region of San Joaquin Valley, along with his wife, Laurel. The couple wanted to adopt a rural winemaking style using the most sustainable techniques that were at their disposal. As soon as he saw the potential of a rare patch of orange muscat grape varietal in this valley, he wanted to make the most of it. He dedicated his entire time and effort to creating intense muscat wines, which is why, the Quady Winery is unique and well-loved across the USA.

The orange muscat grape varietal is known as Moscato Fior d’ Arancio. Since it was quite rarely available anywhere else in the country, Andrew made these grapes his brand’s top priority and worked endlessly to bring out the intense flavours of this fruit in the bottles he created. While the orange muscat grapes went into the production of the winery’s best wines, the black muscat grapes weren’t wasted. The couple also created exquisite dessert wine from the black muscat grapes in 1983.

Here is the famous Quady’s range of wines:

Electra Moscatos - It is made from 75% Orange Muscato and 25% Muscat Canelli grown on the high-quality soils of San Joaquin Valley. The best part of this range of wines is that it contains only 4.5% alcohol!

Red Electra Moscato – Dominated by the flavour and taste of cherries, this wine is made using a blend of orange & black Moscato grapes.

Essensia – This is a dessert wine made from orange Moscato grapes grown in Reedley, California.

Apart from the sweet & dry wines are sold under the Vya Vermouth label, whereas the port wines made from indigenous Portuguese grapes are sold under the Starboard label. There is a separate range of Palomino Fino range, which contains sherry made from the Palomino varietal. The Quady North label contains wines crafted in Southern Oregon.

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